Standard Colors and Chemical Corporation specializes in providing a complete range of processing and grinding of mineral rocks. Since it was established in 1956, it is serving the customer’s demands more than their perceived output through its state at the art grinding and mixing machine.

Standard Colors has sustained the competitive advantage in the industry by introducing latest machines that provide end products as per the customer’s requirements.

These machine include” * Ball mills with air classification technology, which provide an output particle size P99 400 mesh size (40 µ) to 800 mesh size (21 µ)

Disk grinding with air classification technology, which is highly recommended for products up to 3.5 Mohs hardness and give an output particle size in the range P95 600 mesh and 800 Mesh.

Along with our grinding services we have grounded stock of burnt Umber #18 of Cyprus and Raw Sienna that is a specialty of our company and is prominent in the stainer, wood polishing and concrete industry in South East Asia and Middle East.

Standard Colors realizes the importance of Value Chain to the firms in the developed countries where primary activities and support activities incur heavy costs. Our expertise can help the firms counter these costs as the primary and support activities cost is well low compared to latter countries in our country. Moreover, we have a technology and experienced advantage over our competitors. Consequently, we can match and supply the required products to our customers. Our extensive experience in determining the right shade with the required strength without compromising on end particle size is our quality fundamentals, on which we never compromise and are always there to guide our customers in this regard. This is our quality standard and we are determined to follow it.

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