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Luxurious paint finishes for any room, making you feel at home.

Blue Bird Paint Industries Pvt. Ltd cost-effective solutions and commitment to quality across all areas of its operations, have established it as the preferred supplier of paint, varnishes and stains.

As a signature brand of Standard Colours, Blue Bird Paint Industries Pvt. Ltd is well known for its powder forms of iron oxide, as well as its wide range of other inorganic and organic pigments commonly used in the manufacturing process. It has supplied clients in the manufacturing industry (including coatings and colorants, concrete products, plastics, rubber, textile, paper, cosmetics, pet food, ink, toners, and industrial) since the1950s. 

For over seven decades, Bluebird Paint has engaged with globally-renowned intermediary companies, through which it has supplied its superior product range to corporates, small- to medium-sized enterprises, and the cottage industry. Its vast distribution network, of over 1000 direct and indirect distributors in Pakistan and abroad, continues to drive the success of the brand.





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