Read The Story Behind
Our Success

Since 1956, Standard Colours & Chemical Corporation has been known for powder forms of Iron Oxide as well as wide range of other inorganic and organic pigments used by manufacturers of coatings and colorants, concrete products, plastics, rubber, textile, paper, cosmetics, pet food, ink, toners, and industrial uses. Our establishment, has engaged with some renowned companies globally, through which we have supplied excellent products to corporate, small and medium, and cottage industry.

Standard Colours’ relation with its suppliers and buyers is nourished through 56 years of trust. Our major suppliers include BASF, Bayer AG, Clariant, Eckart Altana AG, Osmose Protim-Solignum, United Umber Industry. Our corporate clients include Nishat Textile, Sitara Textile, Chenab Textile, Amtex, Gatron-Novatex, Habitt (Pvt) Ltd, Khaadi Khas, Metatex, Colgate & Palmolive, Chemitex (Pvt) Ltd, along with majority share of SME’s and cottage industry engaged in furniture, banner, bangles, pottery industry, etc, using our fluorescent, Bronze, RNC, Stainers, etc.